Double compression  no no

Well, a quick 5 mile run last night turned into a stop start extravaganza due to my attire.

I had been relaxing nicely in the sofa with the dog when the time came to run forest run! I went to changed and on leaving the comfort of my cosy pad I felt really cold. To this end I dressed for how I felt rather than the actual weather. I doubled up the knee length compression socks with compression running tight – to say I felt compressed would be an understatement.

The first mile downhill felt good but as we started our ascent my calves filled with blood and the compression around the knee stopped venous return happening. By the top of the hill my calf was like a balloon – great look for bodybuilding but not good for turning. The trapped blood could not escape and to had to stop for a second to relieve the pressure.

So the lesson is don’t overdo the compression!! Squeezed is good too squeezed is not 😂😂😂

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