Let’s buy local

Well it’s the 2nd of December so I am on countdown to Christmas and I have started planning to buy local.

At first I thought that it would be difficult to find local creators, service providers, days out and stuff to make Christmas exciting. After just two days I am really inspired to find that the difficulty is, as always, choosing what to get for everyone and what to cook on the day.

Jon and I are not normal revellers and often spend Christmas on the Moors with a picnic so  eating on the day will be a voyage of adventure.

My call for help on twitter was answered by many and some great ideas for sourcing items.

This weekend (3rd and 4th of December) sees an Etsy Christmas Market at the Town Hall. I’m hoping to make it as last year I used Easy for a lot of my presents – my challenge was handmade sourced from the UK and Easy was brilliant. My etsy favourites last year were the paracord keyring made by a schoolboy ¬†– in colours and shapes of your choice they provide a length of cord if ever needed to make a dog lead, secure a gate, tie up your shoelaces or deal with any emergency.

I am excited to find this year’s favourite.

My plan to buy local was inspired by another of my favourite purchases of last year which was a Sheffield produce hamper from PJ Taste. This is local caterers on Staniforth Road who do everything – they grow their own produce, source locally and sell sheffield stuff. I love the fact they deliver with electric vehicles. I just love their approach and when I ordered hampers last year they could not have been more helpful, the presentation and the contents were brilliant. I do think I’ll get some more this year.

PJ Taste Hamper

Game on peeps, this challenge is a go.



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