50th Year – New York, New York

Well as part of my 50th adventure I got to go to New York with my friends to celebrate Flossie’s 40th Birthday. Blooming youngsters!

The first thing I acheived that I never thought I would was to stay in an apartment on 5th Avenue. Yes 5th Avenue, a real life million dollar apartment slap bang outside the Empire State building. Another, how the hell did I get here moment!.

The apartment was brilliantly placed for seeing Manhattan and we averaged 18000 steps per day with my most being over 30,000 ( intertesting isn’t it this new found focus on steps per day – oh how technology can change a mindset.). Set between 32nd and 33rd Streets it was a short walk to most places and the subway was handy for anything further.

There are lots of must dos in NYC and I have done many of them over the years but this time Flossie’s choice for most but I did have a few of my own that I was sure to get done – walk the Brooklyn Bridge, Run Central Park, Run the Highline, see a show (go to the theatre).

Brooklyn Bridge was special. The day was cold, crisp and clear. Subway to the end of the bridge then on to it. What an amazing feat of engineering with cables and wires, walkways and Towers. There were a few people but not many and with the cars passing underneath it was surreal. I have seen the bridge many times but to be on it and looking back at the Manhattan skyline was amazing.

Brooklyn was special. As we turned into the residential area the way that nature had been combined with human development was great. Fire escapes built around a tree and a tree that had intertwined itself with railings. Every spare space has been planted and I loved it.

At about -4 degrees it was a brisk adventure over the water. A call in Gregory’s coffee was most welcome though the new age service in between staff checking their social media and WhatsApp was a little less desirable – and no loo! No Loo! I know when you reach you 50s it’s one of the main reasons you stop at a coffee shop so I was a little disappointed. Thank goodness for department stores – Macy’s get a big thumbs up 👍 and one of the nicest Macy’s stores I have seen. So Brooklyn ticked off and back over the bridge.

Tick to crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Run Central Park

A must do for any runner when in the big Apple. I set off bright and breezy (well freezing in fact) at about -6. 1.3 miles up 5th Avenue which is hillier (not a word I am sure), to the bottom corner of Central Park. As I ran along the outside of the park I could see that the first pond was frozen over and looked amazing so this was the first place I headed. There were dog walkers and other runners in abundance and the sounds and colours of the park were amazing. The cold just added to the experience. 3 miles in the park were all great with sights and sounds that make NYC and Central park so special. the skyline of skyscrappers emerging from behind the treeline is probably the sight I most like in NY.

Tick to running Central Park in my 50th year

Run Highline

On a much warner day -4 degrees I took the plunge and ran across from 5th Avenue to the Highline. A disused railway line that has been turned into a raised garden/walkway (or of course running trail). At 7am there were few people and the sunrise was amazing. The views from the highline were second to none, the blend of plant life and human construction was inspiring.


ick to running the Highline


In celebration of Sharon’s birthday we hit Broadway in style. 2nd Row seats at Kinky Boots was amazing. The show was mesmerising, the performances polished and the atmosphere a party. I love the way that the theatre can take you far away from everyday life to an imaginery world where anything is possible. Callum Francis took the lead and I think it was his first week, he was amazing, his voice, his moves, his presence held me spellbound. At the end of the show we were all on our feet dancing and singing with the cast. What a brilliant experience.

Tick to seeing a show on broadway

Empire State

Where else would you go in New York? The Empire State will always been synonymous with NYC to me. From the guys on the on the girders eating lunch to King Kong hanging on the side. As you are whisked up in the lift the image of years gone by and the construction of this amazing building are played out on the ceiling. You arrive at breakneck speed at the top and then emerge on the walkway to a view of NYC that you will never forget. The freezing temperatures and wind made it hard to stay outside for long but identifying landmarks in the lightshow that welcomes you enthralls many.

To be continued

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