It’s starts with a gift ….

On the 21st June 2018 I got a gift. That gift was a national beehive. The gift was much more than the wood and metal that the hive was made of. The gift was one of being able to make a difference, of being able to contribute to the guardianship of a species. Although the hive will house honey bees 🐝 it has given me the opportunity to learn about all bee species (and wasps- the lesser loved version).

Bees 🐝 so far in my life of 50 years have been those buzzy amazing creatures that defy gravity in their ability to fly and create honey. They remind me of wine the pooh, of hot summer picnics and of flowers in bloom.

As I opened my present the possibilities that unfolded before me were endless. A creature so important to our future. So inextricably linked to the preservation of our environment and I could play a role.

Now before I take the step into bee guardianship I have committed to learning and experiencing what it takes to be this responsible for a colony of bees. No slight undertaking I am on a journey which will have been a year in the preparation. Every journey starts with one step and my year long step of learning is leading to the second more adventurous step of actually getting bees. 🐝 🐝 🐝

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