The Mirror – a reflection of our world view.

As a young girl I remember my grandma telling me a rather cheeky joke and me being quite shocked. My grandma observed me quietly with a wry smile and said, “whilst the outside may look old the inside has not aged, you will learn that over time, you will still be amused by the same things.”

Now as I move through my 50s I recall this conversation with more regularity.

What I also realise now is that the mirror is like listening to the media, it can be a false perspective on yourself like the media image of the world in which we live.

I am not a person who looks in the mirror often, I have never learned the skill of applying makeup (though sometimes regret this) and I do not uniformly check my image and hair and colour coordination, I leave such things to chance. Thus when I do look in the mirror I do not often find myself looking back or, let me explain, the image I have in my minds eye of how I look. Quite often I am taken by surprise by the number of lines around my lips and eyes and the slightly tired face of impending age. Inside I am 30 years old, plump cheeks, sparkling eyes full of promise.

Also inside I am more at one than I have ever been, I am proud of the woman I have become. Not impressed or self righteous- there is much still to be done. So, the mirror is not a gauge of success, happiness or self image. That said it is not to be ignored, I am that person I see, I am tumbling through the years and a reminder of this that grounds us in the here and now provides the balance we need to keep us on the right track.

I ponder the press in the same way, not to be totally ignored but a one sided perspective of what is that needs to be balanced with the reality below the surface.

Akin to the mirror life can be much brighter and simpler without the media. We just need enough reality to keep us grounded and on the right track.

Buckets, it’s all about the buckets…….

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