Best day off

Well lockdown2 has been a challenge. Husband had to shut the gym again, a further 4 weeks off work. Time off has never been to hard to take.

I took a days leave as the end of lockdown was announced to spend some quality time as he will be working non stop to try to reap back 2020

Started the day at the horses as usual what a gorgeous morning. The all did their usual little things that make me smile. Before breakfast Freck and I went for a ride in the glorious sunshine, the peace and outdoor sounds with the percussion of pony us the best sound you can ever hear. The autumn come winter colours are amazing.

Home for a cuppa and out for a walk with my best friend. The sweetest lady you could ever meet – Stella. Our walks are not energetic as they used to but Stella gets the local news from the aromatic trail that other dogs and animals leave behind; I get a walk at a pace where you can appreciate the little things, the tiny details that make nature extraordinary. A falling leaf, a caterpillar 🐛 slowly crossing the track. We try to take home other peoples litter to leave the trail more pristine for the next walkers and always rescue a worm that struggles to cross the barren tarmac with no protection.

Then on to a run with the other half. Where to go? Lockdown does allow us to go out to exercise so we chose ladybower. I have found difficulty with 2 miles close to home recently a mental barrier I could not cross. So out to a special place for a special run.

We parked up and set off toward the cafe, passing walkers enjoying the day and the location it was a great start. Past the first dam wall we made it up the hill and down the opposite bank from the car. To the main road and across the bridge on the A57 and back to the car. The colours, sounds, smells and wildlife made the 6.2 miles fly. Ducks crossing the path, a squizza or two, sheep, birds 🐦 and rabbits.

After the run we sat on a bench and took in the view and the achievement. Warm clothes to guard against the cold that comes with cooling perspiration and a flask made it the perfect way to finish the experience.

Back home, horses done, I enjoyed this day more than many.

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