As part of my 50th year, my husband, bought me a hive. The aim to keep bees and contribute to the continuation of not only bees but plant life too. Bees are key to the future of flaura and thus fauna on the planet. It is said that their endeavours in the UK alone add approx £600 million to the value of our agricultural industry.

A single worker bee can visit up to 500 flowers in one outing collecting pollen and nectar for the hive. During these flights they pollinate along the way ensuring the future and variety of plant life in our neighbourhood. All bees in a Colony have a purpose, they are interdependent and all play their part perfectly. This mirrors our relationship with the earth though as a species we do not always play our part well.

I have committed to learning all about the bees before I take on the role of their guardian of their hive. I feel I owe them this much as to do it half heartedly is not in keeping with their approach to life.

I didn’t know I wanted to keep bees but a birthday present nearly a year ago has lead to a voyage of adventure learning about these amazing creatures.

I would love it if you come learn with me. Let’s love bees 🐝

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